Alpha Medical Lomi Massage Therapy

Massage therapy for acute and chronic body aches and pain, headache, migraine, neck tension related to muscle spasms, injury or stress. 
Massage by appointment only. 

To make an Appointment, call 808.652.1041

Regular Swedish/ Lomilomi                             Book Now 
$75.00 (60 mins) / $95.00 (80 mins)
Light to medium massage strokes for those who are sensitive to pressure. Using coconut oil and aroma therapy to calm and relax the mind and body. Recommended for regular treatment massages. Aids in muscle relaxation. 
Signature Massage                                             Book Now     
$90.00 (60 mins) / $100.00 (80 mins)
Combined reflexology, lomilomi, and swedish massage, infused with essential oils and aroma therapy for a full body treatment. Perfect for tired and sore muscles on the body, hands and feet.

Deep Lomilomi                                                    Book Now
$95.00 (60 mins) / $105.00 (80mins)

Traditional hawaiian massage using palms & forearms, with long gliding deep massage pressure strokes. Effective in treating chronic muscle pains & muscle stiffness. Recommended for people who need deep tissue massage.

Couples Massage                                               Book Now
$200.00 ( 120 mins /2 persons)  /
$280.00 ( 160 mins  /2 persons)
+ Travel Fees $1.00/ mile + a GE Tax of 4.1666% will be added upon checkout
*(Schedule depending upon availability, for out-call massages only)

Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Swedish/Lomilomi massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation. 

Lomilomi w/ Hot Stone Therapy                   Book Now
$115.00 (90 mins)
A combination of Hotstone and Lomi Lomi ( a Hawaiian method that combines a variety of techniques to relax each part of your body). It will leave you feeling serene and relaxed. (GE Tax of 4.1666% will be added upon checkout)

Lomi and Reflex Treatment                           Book Now
$115.00 (90 mins)
60 min Regular Swedish/ Lomi Massage Plus 30 min Reflexology on the hands or feet treatment.

Pregnancy Massage                                        Book Now
$60.00 (50 mins) 
Swedish massage which ranges from light to medium pressure strokes. Aids in lower back pains and tired-sore muscles. A soothing massage for mothers to be. 

Chair Massage                                                 Book Now
$ 15.00 (15 minutes) / $30.00 (30 minutes) 

Targeting areas with tensed muscles of the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms, and hands keeping clothes on, producing an immediate pain relief.

Reflexology (Hands / Feet)                           Book Now
$30.00 (30 mins) / $75.00 (60 mins)
Focusing on specific pressure points on the hands and feet, this treatment method helps stimulate nerve function, aids in deep state of relaxation, relieves depression, prevent migraines, eliminate toxins and boost circulation. Table massage.(Clothes on)

Hot Stone Therapy                                         Book Now
$20.00 (20 minute add on therapy) 
Hotstone therapy for every 60 minutes of table massage. 
Relieves tired sore muscles. Recommended for treating anxiety, back pains,osteoarthritisand insomnia.
(contraindicated to pregnant women)

Scalp w/Hot Oil Treatment                           Book Now
$15.00 (10 minute add on therapy) 
Scalp massage with the use of grade (A) coconut oil. Perfect treatment for  hair conditioning, dry and damaged hair, dandruff prevention and hair styling. An added relaxation for the scalp for an additional 10 mins on any regular massage services offered.

  * Kamaaina Rate: 10% OFF on all massage service and add-on rates, plus tax
     (Pls provide your valid Hawaii driver's license ID upon payment)

**All massages and add on services will be charged an additional 4.1666% GE Tax upon check out.
*** Rates may vary for travelling

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